More recalls for DePuy knee replacement systems

In 2017, knee replacements were among the most frequent surgeries in the U.S. There are at least 700,000 of these operations every year. But they are not without complications. Caution is advised when selecting knee replacement systems, according to Consumer Reports, since there are no set “standards or techniques” for these surgeries and variations can impact outcomes.

DePuy has a long recall history compared to others

Six pharmaceutical companies dominated the knee replacement market between 2003 and 2013. DePuy topped the list of recalls – Biomet had 75, DePuy had 477; Smith &Nephew had 11, Wright had 4, and Zimmer had 224 recalls. Only DePuy had Class I recalls and it had four. Devices in Class I recalls have defects that are severe and life-threatening. The FDA’s data base was the basis for this analysis, but it too has serious flaws.

Recalls and problems with medical devices are underreported

A The New York Times account in 2016 revealed the problems that make the FDA’s medical device reporting system “unreliable.” According to The Times, “data to systematically and rapidly identify dangerous medical devices are not routinely collected in the United States.”

The FDA does not require reports of failures or defects from all medical personnel and institutions using medical devices. If a safety issue arises, “…hospitals, nursing homes and medical device manufacturers and importers are required by the FDA to report it, but there is no such requirement for “doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.”

Revision surgery is expensive

If a knee replacement fails, revision surgery to remove and replace it can cost thousands of dollars. In 2014, the Agency for Healthcare and Research and Quality (AHRQ) calculated “the average hospital stay” that includes surgery costs “$3,300 a day” with a hospital stay of five days. The AHRQ is a division of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Injury attorney Wyatt Wright: Symptoms of failing knee replacements

They include loosening of the implant, infection, fractures of the bone around the implant and instability. Personal injury lawyer Wyatt Wright knows why these symptoms occur and the expense of revision surgery, which can easily exceed average costs. The blame lies with pharmaceutical companies that take advantage of the FDA’s flawed reporting system and market unreliable devices, leading to severe pain for victims and perhaps permanent disabilities.

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